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About us
Kyrgyz Community Center is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization established in Illinois in 2016. KCC plans and executes cultural, intercultural, educational, religious, charitable, literary, sporting, and social programs and activities.

Our mission
The mission of KCC has four complementary and synergistic components:
Kyrgyz Culture
To introduce the Kyrgyz Culture to the community to cultivate friendship and promote a better understanding of diverse cultures through dialog and exchange of information.
Intercultural Community
The association works to strengthen intercultural community and ensure a positive experience for those who are willing to participate in cross cultural activities.
KCC also seeks to enrich the experience of the entire community by providing opportunities to engage and educate the community related to diversity.
Integration To Society
To serve our members in the Chicago area to better integrate into the society.
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
Current programs
(Some programs are not listed here)
Sunday school
Every sunday between 10AM - 3PM for kids aged between 5-13 years old
More info coming soon...
Sport activities
Tournaments, leagues, championships and interstate cups.
More info coming soon...
Summer camp in Kyrgyzstan
We are planning to organize summer camp (for kids) in Kyrgyzstan.
More info coming soon...
Language and Programming classes
We offer some English and Programming classes for adults. English course is primaryly focused for parents.
More info coming soon...
Key people
This community center is run by volunteers
Ulanbek Azimbaev
Bekmurat Amirakul
Kairat Mavlyankulov
Do you have any questions?
There is list of Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1:
How I can volunteer?
Yes, anyone can volunteer. When we need for volunteers, we usually post it in our page.
Question 2:
Is there any kyrgyz language courses for my kids?
Yes, our weekend school program is designed to teach and promote kyrgyz language
Question 3:
Can we rent this center for small events?
Yes, we let our members to rent the community center.

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+1 (312) 730-5006
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